What is good health? Is it the absence of illness, or is it the presence of something better, like vibrant energy, strong immunity, and balanced emotions? We believe that health has a lot to do with the way we eat. Many of today's most troubling diseases (diabetes, heart disease, obesity, even some cancers) are known to be influenced by diet. We want to be healthy, so we eat foods we think are good for us, and crave treats we know are not. But we don't have time to cook, so we eat foods manufactured for our convenience or our taste buds. And we get confused, and neurotic, about food. High-carb or low-carb? High-fat or low-fat? Meat or soy? Where do we begin to search for genuine health?

Real Cooking was inspired by the groundbreaking research of Weston A. Price, a 20th century dentist and nutritional anthropologist.

Dr. Price traveled the world in the 1930s to find healthy non-industrialized populations – people who lived and ate as they had done for many generations, believing that such people might hold the key to what he saw as the declining dental and overall health of Americans at that time.

He located 14 such groups, finding not only beautiful, strong teeth, but vibrant good health. People eating traditional diets of whole, unprocessed foods were spared the ravages of illnesses prevalent in the world at that time, and enjoyed long, productive lives free of degenerative diseases (and dentists).

Although these groups came from different parts of the world, their diets had many things in common. All were based on animal foods, including those high in fat, as well as locally grown produce and fermented foods.

Those who adopted refined, processed foods brought by traders (jams, cookies, canned milk, etc.) shared distressing new characteristics: rampant tooth decay, susceptibility to disease, and children with crowded, badly spaced teeth. Dr. Price's work showed that such characteristics resulted not from genetic defects, but from nutritional deficiencies.

Weston Price's discoveries remain relevant today, and they are the foundation of Real Cooking's approach to nutrition. We firmly believe that restoring nutrient-dense, whole foods to our diets is key to supporting radiant health.