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Because some of the best things aren’t available locally. Because it’s great to support farmers and producers of excellent products wherever they are. Because it’s fun to have something delicious arrive on your doorstep. Each of the resources we include is one we are both familiar with, and which we use ourselves, so you’re assured of the same quality you’ve come to expect from Real Cooking.

Fabulous olive oils, imported herbs, organic pinhead oats; not everything meets our stringent guidelines (stay away from the pretty desserts!), but a great resource for some hard-to-find ingredients.

David Wetzel took a considerable amount of time and effort to duplicate the centrifuge process that Weston A. Price used to make X-factor butter oil. And we’re glad he did! Wetzel has also extensively researched different brands of cod liver oil, and one of the highest quality brands currently available.

The sales and marketing arm for Slow Food USA, and a resource for meats, poultry, fish, and produce from farmers practicing sound and sustainable farming, including raising heritage breeds that otherwise would risk extinction.

A nationwide directory of small farms, farmers’ markets, and other food sources, with an emphasis on sound and sustainable farming practices. It is the top resource for the Buy Local movement, and allows small farms to connect directly with consumers.

Owned by Weston A. Price chapter leaders, and a great resource for some hard-to-find items that are essential to a Weston Price lifestyle. Small but excellent selection of products for the home, as well as supplements and superfoods, including essentials like high-vitamin cod liver oil and X-factor butter oil.

Interested in solar power? Want to go off the grid? Need low-impact appliances, heaters, cleaning supplies, information on water and energy conservation? Real Goods is a great site and packed with information on renewable energy and ecologically sustainable lifestyles.

A great resource for top-quality coconut products – dried, milk, cream, oil, etc., as well as herbs, palm oil, and assorted other products.