learning to cook

We've got to be honest with you: somebody in your house (maybe you) is going to have to cook regularly if you're going to achieve optimal health. If you love to cook already, hurray! It will be a breeze to help you tweak your skills.

If you are clueless in the kitchen (or maybe just a little uncertain), don't worry. We can teach you how to cook, and better yet, maybe even help you to enjoy the process! Working with you in your own kitchen, we'll take you step by step as you prepare your own delicious, balanced meals, and we'll leave you with clear, step-by-step recipes. We'll even review your kitchen equipment to help you round out (or replace) your existing cookware and appliances. And we'll make it fun and easy. We promise.

Not ready to dive in quite yet? Then sit back and learn by observation while we show you what can be done in your kitchen. Bring a friend (or three). Take notes. Ask questions. And eat up the results!