Rice Cooking in 3 Easy Steps

You’ll require

For A Medium Sized Pan Measuring Jug, 15g Of Margarine Rice (Easy Cook Preferably)- Qty Depends On How Many You Are Cooking For A Medium Sized Pan Measuring Jug.

Starting at the beginning

To begin, you must first determine how many people you will be cooking. Make certain you have enough food to feed everyone.

Fill the pan with water until it is approximately half full. Depending on your cooker, boil the water for up to 5 minutes. There should ideally be cooked at 150 degrees. This temperature prevents the rice from burning or overcooking.

Pour the rice into the pan and stir it gently at first. It keeps the rice flexible and ensures that it cooks evenly. Don’t keep going all the while; only do so for about 2 minutes before closing the lid and allowing the rice to finish cooking.

After 6 minutes:

  1. Drain the water from the pan and reduce the cooker’s power to around 20 degrees, depending on the range.
  2. Mix the 15g of margarine into the rice with a fork rather than a spoon. It will give the additional rice flavor and make it very tasty.
  3. Remove the pan from the cooker after 2 minutes and serve the rice appropriately.

Interesting fact

I’ve been cooking rice since I was eight years old. This method of cooking rice was given to me by my father, an expert chef. I’ve impressed a lot of females with my rice since then. If you want to spice it up, even more, add a coriander leaf. With a cold bottle of wine, this goes well with any meat or seafood.